The members of Dragon Flight had a really exciting weekend, and it was loads of fun. Yes, the entire guild consists of three members, but that didn’t stop us (that being said, if you happen to play Alliance on Argent Dawn and need a home, let me know).

Our first goal was to reach level 6. For anyone who has a small guild, you know what a feat this is. Most guild experience comes from players leveling up and completing quest, other experience comes from doing dungeons / raids and pvp together as a guild team. In order for these to count as ‘guild team’ events, you have to have a specific number of people who make up the total group. For dungeons, this is 3/5 members. I’m not sure how many you need for raids, but it’s more than 3. We ended up doing three heroic twilight dungeons and with one more turn in we were 6. This grants members of the guild a 10% bonus to experience which is really handy to have.

Later on in the evening we decided we would work on old achievements, in specific raid achievements. Our first stop was Blackwing Lair to defeat Nefarian. This is typically a 40 person raid, but we had very few issues – well, that is to say we had very few issues once we decided to read a few walk throughs. See, the first boss (a room filled with eggs) we didn’t read up on anything and we just charged in and instantly wiped because we were fighting the boss. Turns out what you’re supposed to do is take control of the boss, kill eggs around the room, and deal with 42 adds (keep them away / off of the boss because he’s not supposed to die). It was crazy fun.

I forgot to mention that before Blackwing Lair, we decided to attempt an achievement called “Besting the Black Dragonflight” – basically you need to kill Sartharion the Onyx Guardian along with three twilight drakes still alive. The reward for this achievement is a title “of the nightfall” – along with a mount that drops in the loot rewards (and extra loot). We tried this achievement over and over until we found a combination that worked. Bloodgrip and I (on my shaman, bloodgrip is a paladin) were DPS and Toargo tanked the encounter. No heals aside from my shaman totem. Our challenge was to keep alive after Sartharion hit 20% health, which is when he enrages. It took a few tries, but we did it. I won the mount and eagerly added it to my collection. Achievements like this always make me really happy and excited, the fact that I could share it with my guild mates was even better. We might be small, but we don’t let that stop us.

To balance out the rest of the evening, after doing one vanilla WoW raid, and a Lich King Raid, we headed to Burning Crusade and defeated Magtheridon and Gruul the Dragonkiller. The main reason for doing these zones is not only earning fun achievements, but also appearance gear. I walked away with a beautiful set for my priest, and Bloodgrip won most of his paladin set (which he apparently won’t be wearing, as the bright purple is a bit too much for him). Even Toargo earned some neat pieces, shoulders and a shield with wonderful graphics.

It may not have been the most ‘progressive’ of nights, after all we weren’t doing things like Dragon Soul (the latest round of raids) or anything that requires a super amount of coordination or attention, but it was still one of the most fun nights I’ve had in game, and I think everyone else had a great time too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “A Night of Pure (Guild) Win #WoW”
  1. Heh… I love fun-running old content in WoW. As I’ve been on my own for so long I’ve been trying a bit of ‘extreme-soloing’ in classic raids on my hunter. I don’t raid or LFD at 85 so she’s mostly in rep reward and crafted gear. Not always a walk over, but you do tend to be a bi tinulnerable.

    I was in Molton Core, and hadn’t bother to look up tactics/mobs and couldn’t get the core hound packs to stay down… in the end I got bored and left! Found out later that you need to get them all down within 10 seconds… *d’oh!

    Now I’ve rezzed hubby I’m going to make him keep me company and hopefully do some more taxing stuff like you guys have. :)

  2. Wait, you got a mount and you didn’t take a screenshot of it? Bad, Stargrace, bad!

    Sounds like a lot of fun, though. Expeditions like that are always a lot of fun.

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