I love my characters in every game that I play, and I have a LOT of characters. They all come with their own story and history, along with ‘memories’ of when I’ve played them. I decided I’d go through and introduce a few of them (my ‘mains’) starting backwards from creation. First up, Velours, who is a human paladin, and the last ‘main’ I created. I say main but I don’t really have any one character I play more than the others, I gave up settling on one ages ago.

Velours is a retribution paladin most of the time (that’s a DPS spec) and her off spec is holy (healer). I actually leveled her up as protection, thinking I wanted to learn how to tank. See when I play a game I pride myself on learning as much about it as I can, and the only thing I’ve never been comfortable with in WoW is tanking. It’s just not in my nature to be a leader that way. So after months of trying to convince myself that tanking was what I wanted to do, I gave in and went back to what I’m comfortable doing.

Alchemy is her craft, and it’s come in handy. I’ve enjoyed making trinkets for her to use that don’t cost me an arm and a leg, and in fact tonight took her on her first two Cataclysm raids via the LFRaid finder. I happily walked away with a new pair of pants and gloves, which is already more raid gear than my warlock and shaman have acquired. While gear is NOT everything, obtaining new pretties IS a lot of fun, and it made me giggle and excited that my brand new 85 had managed to win. I won’t lie, her DPS is abysmal, but with MOP just around the corner I was hoping no one would grief me too badly over it. So far, so good.

As far as a back story, Velours grew up in a house just outside the gates of Stormwind. Her father always wanted a son, but Velours’ mother was unable to grant him that one wish. No matter how many times they tried (or how many years) she just wasn’t able to provide him with any more children after Velours. When she came of age and her parents started discussing her future (which involved her being married off and a lot of little babies thumping around) Velours decided to move to Stormwind proper, and enlist in with the Knights. There she found the home she had been looking for almost all of her life, though it certainly didn’t come easily and she was teased mercilessly. She ignored the comments she would get while walking to the temple and instead focused on her training. After years of practice it paid off.

P.S. I don’t think her sword is nearly big enough.

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