Ah yes, my little warlock. The class that was completely over powered in the last expansion (Wrath of the Lich King) and that I have struggled so much with in Cataclysm. My main spec is Affliction (dots), and my off spec is demonology. I have a hard time parsing well on the warlock this expansion, it takes a lot of work unlike my other DPS classes. A lot of it is also related to how many mobs are in an encounter, and how long that encounter lasts. Quick fights are not the best of situations as I don’t exactly have a lot of burst damage, multi targets work well though.

Minxes is a gnome, and her professions include engineering (goblin) and mining. I love playing shorter races, and the gnome is just a handful of fun. In MOP warlocks go through a LOT of changes, it’s like playing an entire new class, so that should be interesting to learn. I played around with it some in the beta, but didn’t want to get too familiar, after all part of the fun of a new expansion is having to explore and learn about all the changes.

Minxes comes from a family of 40 – that is to say she lived and was raised at an orphanage, and she was constantly fighting and bickering with anyone who wouldn’t let her get her way. She pretty much (literally) climbed her way to the top, she would be the one standing on top of the roof waving around your most precious doll in order to get you to do her chores. She’s never mean for the sake of being mean, it’s more like she’s mischievous and being a gnome, that’s never going to end well.

She was always warned against the spells of the warlock, which is exactly why she became one. How dare someone tell her she shouldn’t or can’t do anything! That’s not the way she operates. Her best friend includes all of her minions, and she has very little patience for anyone else. At least they do what she says, even if while talking back on occasion.

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