We all have our favorite zones. Those places we just want to visit over and over again no matter how many times we’ve been there before. We look forward to them, share stories about them, and think fondly of all the memories we’ve created for our characters in those places.

Harathi Hinterlands, is NOT one of these zones for me. In fact so far it’s the zone I like the least amount, and one that frustrated me to no end.

In the zone there is a constant war going on involving many, many, many centaur. When wars go on, gate points become contested and prevent you from gating. Mobs spawn and rampage and pummel you to death. The vista you were trying to get to for the last hour becomes a dangerous place to hang out.

I think these dynamic war events are really neat – but – if you don’t have a lot of people in the section of the map you happen to be hanging out in, they’re also incredibly painful. This was the problem with most of my evening last night as it became too late for the majority of gamers to be up on a Thursday. It’s hard to get things done when there are 100 rampaging angry centaur beating you to the ground with their hooves.

As such, it took me far longer to complete this zone than any of the others. It also seems like the mentoring system is a bit borked because at some points I would be fighting level 46 centaur, but the game had me boosted DOWN to 42. Ouch. This does not make for happy times.

With a lot of deaths I made my way to level 45, completed the zone, and happily left. I’ve now uncovered 20% of the map, and Velours (my Asura Guardian) is glad that she can move on.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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