Pre 5.0.4 players in LFRaid would typically roll for gear whether they actually needed it or not, so long as they could roll need, they would. Blizzard changed how loot was handled, and instead of physically rolling need or greed on a piece, players would perform a hidden roll and 4 walk away with loot while the rest end up with bags of gold (25g). If I heard complaining before, that’s nothing compared to the complaining that arises now. See, players can’t trade any of the loot they win, so even if you end up with a piece that’s completely useless to you you’re stuck with it. You also don’t get to see what anyone else wins, so there’s very little talking going on at all. You get your bag of loot (or coin) and there’s no waiting around for someone to vote on pieces, that’s it, you’re done. Leave the dungeon and go on your way.

I’m torn about the change myself. I appreciate that people can’t randomly roll need but I think Blizzard may as well just set up a line and say here you go, here’s your loot. It’s just not fun. Perhaps if the items were tradeable, and if the raid could see who ended up with what, things wouldn’t feel so sterile.

What do you think of the new loot changes? Let me know in comments!

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