Things in Wurm Online are going well. The dock has been completed at Mystic Cove, and I’ve been working on my skills. I expanded the deed slightly, taking in a bit more land. I tried to fix up the waterfront a bit but along the East side is a lot of clay that is a bit of a pain to terraform.

Today I spent most of my day on the steppe collecting animal bits so that I could trade them to another player who will use them for alchemy. In return I’ll get 75c credit at his dye store. I have my eye set on some pink dye for my brand new sailboat that Moumix crafted for me.

In the mean time, tonight disaster of a sort struck. I died in a mine due to a troll, and so far have been unable to find my corpse. It’s fallen into the geometry of the game so I’ve had to send in a support ticket. On the corpse are all my tools, armor, and keys. Hopefully I can get it back.

As always happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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