wurm.20121206.0207Wurm Online is releasing 1.0 approximately 15 hours from the time of this post. That’s when the new server will be opening,  giving players an absolute new experience. A land with nothing built on it, no one arriving with tools or boats, no maps created.

I am both excited and nervous about it. I’m tempted to create a new character (only new characters can reach this server for the time being) to check out the server – but I have a well established home already set up on Deliverance and I was already tempted by Celebration when that server released. We all know how that ended up (I came back home, to Deliverance, after setting up not one but two deeds on Celebration). I think I’ll just keep cozy here on Deliverance and continue to do my thing. I love adventuring but my favorite sort doesn’t involve running unarmed through a lot of aggressive creatures. Instead I prefer to pick over fallen down ruins where people used to live, exploring whatever the land may tell as a story.

I’m looking forward to multi story. I’ve seen some really nice homes created on the test server and I have plans of a lighthouse for my dock. As long as I’m having fun it doesn’t matter what I spend my time doing, and I think 1.0 will add a lot of flavour to be explored. Keep in mind this is also the date for character models to be released, something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time now.

I hope those who have been putting off trying Wurm will give it a shot. I expect there to be many bugs upon release. Server instability and all the rest of the joys that come with a whole lot of changes hitting an MMO all at once.That’s part of the fun though!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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