wurm.20121224.1100I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday this year. As you can tell by the lack of posts I fully enjoyed my Christmas break, and I’m gearing up for new years (with a lot of baking involved).

In Wurm Online I’ve acquired yet another deed, this time on Independence. That brings my total up to three, one on Deliverance (lets call this home base), another on Pristine (separated from the rest of Freedom, what I consider my future vacation home) and my newest deed I’m currently setting up to be a refuge for my priests, to work their skills and hang out at.

Speaking of my priests, they’re coming along well. The Fo is not a priest yet but still only a follower, but my Vynora priest and Magnaron are both doing well. Faith gains have slowed down on both but the Magnaron is inching towards 70 faith which allows me to strongwall mines. The main reason I want this particular priest to begin with.

I’ve also been playing a little EQ2, I started up a necromancer and started leveling her through some older content. Thanks to triple station cash and a few Christmas presents I’ve got a nice stash of station cash and while there hasn’t really been anything lately that has caught my attention, I’m sure it won’t be long. Perhaps a new house or some furniture, or a mount. I’ve always loved the choices in EQ2’s station store.

I also got two new 3DS games for Christmas (and an amazing laptop that I’m completely in love with) one of the games was Epic Mickey (loads of fun, think Mario but with Disney characters), and the other is from the Professor Layton puzzle series of games. This one is my favorite so far, you listen and follow along with a mystery story while solving puzzles of various degrees. Plus I’ve just acquired a bunny that I’m training to perform, I think if the game was only that I’d still like it just as much.

So, what geek goodness have my readers gotten this holiday? Please share in comments below!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself

2 thoughts on “End of Holidays and Back to Gaming! #WurmOnline #EQ2 #3DS”
  1. Happy new year Stargrace! The only “geeky” gift I got specifically for me was a super girl t-shirt. But, from my future parents in law “we” got a Wii U and a Playstation Vita. I have been utilizing the Wii U (I am enjoying the cuteness/fun of Nintendo Land) but the Vita I have no interest in. Maybe I will buy myself a few games on Steam though, it is awfully tempting.

  2. My only gift was a giant Hershey kiss. :). Which I finished yesterday. But cause of a little extra money I bout up some stuff for myself on Steam. I first bought the Humble THQ Bundle, then Universe Sandbox, Borderlands 2, and Civilization 5. Also got Far Cry 3 for my PS3 just before Christmas as well. Combined with already having Guild Wars 2 and Rift, my plate is again super full. (I may also buy Black Ops 2 on PS3 soon too heh).

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