Lion’s Arch, in all of its holiday glory.

I logged in today to explore some of the Winter events before they vanish for this year. I got a handful of neat items including a 15 slot backpack which went straight to use, and a few items for my alts. I didn’t want to feel rushed into doing the new dungeon or opening presents around the land, so I continued leveling my mesmer and naturally stumbled into these events as I went along.

One thing I discovered was that you can now add rare craft items to your collection slots in the bank that you couldn’t add before. This includes things like shards and spheres, as well as mystic coins and even corn candy from Halloween  I must have emptied out about 15-20 slots of space from my bank happily adding everything to collections.

I even managed to craft myself a pair of fluffy ‘giving’ shoes, that have an elf-shoe like graphic. Cute. Plus who can resist that toy bag that you wear on your back (that one I handed off to an alt as I’m wearing the Halloween book item still).

The holiday events should be winding down in pretty much everyone’s game of choice within the next week or two I imagine. I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday, and I want to thank everyone who participated in this years Gamers Secret Santa, I’ve seen a lot of pictures of gifts up on twitter and I think it was a fantastic way for people to remember that no matter what game we’re playing, we’ve still got things in common.

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