wurm.20130102.1923_1One of the more ‘unique’ aspects to wurm online is the ability for a character to become a priest. There are currently four in-game (although if you’re on a freedom server you’ll only have the choice of three). I currently have one of each priest, and I absolutely adore playing them, each for their own reasons.

Vynora – I personally feel this priest has a bit of an advantage over all other priests. It’s the ‘most used’ on the freedom servers because it’s the one priest that enchants tools, weapons, and armor. Their most popular spells include Circle of Cunning which increases the experience gain from crafting, and Wind of Ages which increases the speed at which a tool works. Vynora priests are able to chop down trees which is quite handy, but like other priest penalties they can’t dig, mine, or build things that have more than one component like houses or walls (or mailboxes, etc). Vynora are great but they’re pretty much your run of the mill priest.

Magnaron – The second most popular priest (in my opinion). This priest focuses on rocks and mines. Their more popular spells include strongwall which collapses a tile in a tunnel (or reinforces it) and an armor spell that Vynora also has. Magnaron priests are able to mine, so they’re typically locked away from prying eyes, hunched over their pickaxes, squinting when they do finally see the light of day.

Fo – Personally my favorite priest, these are the under dogs. They enchant mailboxes, and they have spells that work on crops and animals that I find incredibly handy. They are also able to charm which is just plain fun. Fo priests are able to dig, along with the other priest penalties like not continuing items with more than one component.

Playing a priest is exciting, and if I were a member of a larger village I would probably play them as my main. As it is, it’s not really a viable thing to do on your own since they’re not able to construct buildings or properly build up a deed. For those playing in larger villages or as an alt, these characters are perfect.

Have you got a priest in Wurm? What’s your favorite?

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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