EQ2_000109A long LONG time ago, I used to have one character, and only one. Alts, were something that just didn’t exist for me. We’re talking years ago, back in my EverQuest days. I played an enchanter, and I loved it.

Somewhere along the way, things changed. It was probably my second or third year into EverQuest 2. I started out with one main, a templar. By the time Echoes of Faydwer came around I was up to three max level characters – and I was even boxing them on raids. I quickly burnt out and got fed up with having so many characters, even though I absolutely loved playing each and every one of them, I started to feel as though I was floundering a bit.

See, when I play a character I like to be as ‘good’ as I can be. That means the best gear I can get, all of my master spells (in EQ2 specifically, although these rules pertain to any MMO I play) my crafting as high as it can go. I like to ‘complete’ all major quest chains. When you have a handful of characters at ‘end game’ it’s really difficult to do.

The years went on and the alt army grew. Now I have 10 characters who have at one time all been max level. They’re currently not, with Chains of Eternity the level rose from 92 to 95 so one of them is at 93 and the rest are still 92. They’re all 95 crafters, but that barely counts.

I’ve been attempting to “get back to my roots” so to speak. Continue to work on a ‘main’ character, and just one. In EQ2 this is the defiler. Last night she continued to work on the Chains of Eternity quest line, and while the quests are quite fun I am a bit disappointed in the lack of gear rewards. Most of the rewards I’ve earned so far are house items. House items are nice, but they’re not going to help me take down an encounter as I try to level.

I also spent some time last night looking over the guild hall amenity. My guild is currently level 64, something I’m pretty proud of for how tiny we are. In fact due to a glitch, I am the only member, heh. If Tipa, or any of the other older members are reading this, feel free to poke me for re-invites. Anyhow, we’re level 64 and I had purchased 15 amenity but we have space for a few more so last night I purchased the lore & Legend amenity since I’m constantly stuffing those in the guild bank, and I also purchased the shiny amenity. This lets you store shinies in chests in the hall for other guild mates to use. I normally end up selling my shinies, but this way I can collect them all in one spot and then do a massive selling twice a year or something if I want. In any case, it’s neat to be able to collect a large amount and keep them some place where all characters have access.

I’m about 30% into level 93 at the moment, and I find it is crawling by. I try not to look at the experience bar and just do my quest chains, but some times that’s hard to do. I’ll be happy when I have at least one character back at the cap of 95.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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