EQ2_000112I’m about 50% into level 94 now, and I’m having a bit of an issue trying to “get into” the quest chains I’m doing in Chains of Eternity. The zones look absolutely incredible, but almost every single quest is exactly like the quest before – what I mean is this.

Person A explains their situation and sends you out to collect 10 flower petals. You happily do so and cure them of whatever ailment they had. Then you speak to person B who needs 10 flower stems. So you head back out to those same flowers and help them out. Person B sends you to C who needs – you guessed it, flower leaves. You’re back out at the same flowers you’ve already been to twice before.

It feels like I’m doing almost the exact same quest for each person with just a slight difference in their story. Now, I’m determined to complete the Chains of Eternity story line at least once, but I’m having a really hard time ‘getting into it’.

When I completed the story line for EQ1 and their whole ether realm I felt quite pulled into the lore. It was exciting – and new. I just can’t say the same for EQ2. I feel that EQ2 has lost the art of story telling. Now, I don’t blame the developers for this either because lets face it, most of us are never going to read the stories we’re presented with. We’re just going to eagerly click through every conversation and ignore and tidbits of lore.

On the plus side I am having a fun time “running into” old dead EQ2 characters, like Jenni from Everling Castle and as I already mentioned, this is probably the ‘prettiest’ expansion I’ve ever seen them put out. Really, kudos to the art team on this expansion, it’s just amazing.

I just wish I felt more ‘compelled’ to help out Vie or whomever, as it is I get a sense of “oh great you want me to go right back to where I JUST was, and collect what now?” each time I finish a quest.

Anyone else get this feeling? Or is it just me?

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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