wurm.20130125.0829Marseille is looking pretty nice these days from the water. I was graciously given some 50 ql lamps, and I can see my way around the village at night without any issue. The shipyard is completed, and I’ve started building a sailboat as well as a corbita.

Because the town is nestled into the mountainside I found that I had very little room for growing crops. These are important as a ship builder, I need wemp for rope and I need cotton for sails. Plus those crops I did grow were being eaten by the small handful of horses and deer I’ve got. So the best solution for me was to deed a second place in behind Marseille, in the wooded area. I’ve been working at flattening the Farms of Marseille for a little while now, and I’ve created a 2×2 farm house in the area too. For now the area has a guard as it’s pretty dangerous back there still, but I’m hoping to be able to remove the guard eventually. Setting up a second deed means that I had to create another character, one that could start out as premium and then drop it if I wanted. I’ve begun working her as a Vynora priest. Whether or not I’ll actively keep the character I’ve not decided. I still have two characters (and two deeds) over on Deliverance, and having four characters and four places to run (even when they are all in close proximity) is a bit of a hassle. For now she has one month of premium, and we’ll see how that goes. In the mean time I’m quite happy with how all the deeds are coming along. Moumix has been gone for the month for work, so it’s been a little lonely, but Kasul gave me a fantastic gift of a brand new brass compass -which I will go into more details about shortly. Especially the reason of why a good compass is important.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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