gw717My mesmer inched her way to level 23 last night, mostly due to some crafting and some exploration of Kessex Hills. I’ve been working on my story quest which is absolutely hilarious. I got sent to the place where these robots were being made that hypnotized a bunch of carnies, and then I had to defeat both the carnies and the robots.

Crafting has been slow. I’ve taken up tailoring on the mesmer and instead of the incredible painful process of collecting cloth for each tier I’ve been purchasing it from the market. Since I do already have a level 80 character I’ve had a bit of coin stashed away. Had, of course. I went broke last night reaching 193 in the skill. Thankfully there are loads of guides available, so I’ve been following one to make the best use of my materials.

I don’t really enjoy leveling up all over again, but I do think the mesmer is a better personal fit for me than the guardian. Not that there’s anything wrong with the guardian, but a caster suits my playstyle a bit more. Of course re-doing content is never fun, but I’m confident that in time I’ll have two (maybe more) level 80 characters and at least have a choice on what I want to play.

I do have all 5 character slots taken up, maybe I’ll try some of the other alts as well. It seems a lot of my friends have started playing the mesmer, and while there isn’t an enormous selection of character classes having a variety for dungeon runs is always a good idea!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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