UntitledOne thing I really love about Wurm Online is the community that has spawned from it and how each of them contribute to the game in their own little way. Quite a few people have developed helpful programs that you can use alongside Wurm to gather information about your sessions. One such program is called Wurm Assistant and while there are a LOT of things this wonderful program does, the one I wanted to focus on today is the brand new ‘granger’ feature.

In a nutshell what it does is when you smile at and then examine a horse (within 5 seconds) it will record the horse in a chart pictured above. It will make note of all traits that the horse has (that you can see), who the parents are, whether or not it is being cared for, and if it’s pregnant when it will give birth. Then in live time it will tell you when you’ve groomed the animal.

When you highlight a horse it will also try to pair them up optimally. You can assign a point value to each trait, so what I’ve done is assign every speed trait a 10, so I can simply look at the chart and see that if my horse is a 40 it’s a 4 speed. 50 a five speed, and so on. It will highlight brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in a pink shade so you know not to breed them together and potentially obtain negative traits.

For horse breeders everywhere this is a must have program (IMO). It takes care of me having to use a spreadsheet to keep track of my horses, and even lets me organize them by herd. If you breed animals in Wurm Online, you should really check it out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Wurm Assistant Introduces the Granger #WurmOnline”
  1. That is amazing! I just downloaded and updated Wurm Assistant, but still don’t see the Granger option. What am I missing?

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