It was time to move on from Blightfire Moors, and explore a ‘new’ zone. Well. Not especially new, but new to these characters at least! The next zone we headed off to was The Great Divide, which is a great little zone. It was time to smack down some Frost Giants, and smack down we did.

There’s only one issue we’re running into lately, and that is we’re almost leveling too fast. By the end of the night my beastlord was sitting at a comfortable level 37. She’s missing a lot of gear, and I haven’t purchased my spells since 30 or so. I did pick up my pet at 30 but I didn’t stock pile on anything past that. Technically I didn’t really need to. The mercenaries are holding their own, we have one dps (melee I believe) mercenary, and I also have a healer one. So while I’m not doing a lot of damage at the moment, it’s not noticeable. Leveling so quickly on a new server where we’ve nothing to our names is also proving to be an expensive¬†endeavor. Mercenaries are almost 10 plat every 15 minutes now. I’m baffled at how a new player would be able to afford them for very long especially not knowing locations to spend grinding.

I have managed to sell a few pieces of gear at the bazaar in offline mode, which I really like. It’s not much, but it’s a start. When I watch general channel it amuses me to see pieces selling for multiple MILLIONS of platinum. I’m unsure if that’s because this is FV, or if it’s like that on all servers. On my home server of Drinal I don’t remember seeing people charging millions of plat for an item.

I still haven’t gotten into crafting yet, but I do want to. I’ve been selling bits and bobs to vendor for now, I figure I have lots of time to farm the materials I need to level over 50. I’m thinking of starting with food and drink to start, as it would be very helpful for our characters to be able to afford good food and drink. I may work towards tailoring from that, and in specific the barbarian cultural armor. It would be neat to be able to afford my own gear. Since it’s been so long since I’ve worked on any of that, we’ll just have to see.

2 thoughts on “The Great Divide #EverQuest #EQ”
  1. You should definitely go farm components for the xp potion quest when the anniversary event comes up. That is a really good way to make plat, even for low level characters.

  2. There is a lot of plat floating around on FV. I had over a million (as well as 30+ xp potions) several years ago when I quit playing EQ, which I’ve been using to buy krono now that they’ve unlocked plat for free players. Krono are going for 300k+. XP potions are going for ~60k.

    I’m not sure where you can tap into that spigot of cash. It doesn’t seem like crafting materials are going for much, at least not the low level stuff. Unfortunately, it seems they have priced mercs based upon the inflated economy, which puts new players in a pinch.

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