wurm.20130315.2219Spring is in the air, and with it comes less time for gaming. So I decided to let go of one of my three deeds, and just keep two of them. I gave up the deed furthest away from my ‘home base’ – Les Reveurs. It was a great deed with a lot of fantastic spots to mine silver and gold, but honestly I’ve got enough on my plate when it comes to wurm online. Two deeds shall suffice.

I’ve been working on my Vynora priest throughout the day, making sure she gets her 5 prayers in (more if servers reset), and working on soul depth as well as other mundane tasks. Farming, animal husbandry, etc. I’ve managed to breed a few 5 trait horses, now I’m just waiting for them to grow up. I made the decision not to keep any horses that have less than 4 speed traits, so I went on a ‘glue’ spree and ended up with a lot of meat to work cooking as well as bits and bobs to work natural substance (the skill required to make dye).

I have a few new neighbours, at each deed. One I’m not too fond of because they decided to place their deed right up against mine, making for a very cramped feeling. It’s just a respect thing, to give your neighbours room to expand, unless you’ve talked to them before hand or they’re your RL friends who you can clobber.

The other neighbours I know very little about. They’ve settled at the base of my mountain deed, so I see them in my local fairly constantly. I do have quite a lot of space up top so I’m not too concerned about them ruining things, so long as I can still access the tunnel that lets me climb up to my place. I see them calling for guards a lot, so I expect they’re fairly new with minimal fight skills. I sent them a tell yesterday letting them know I live behind their deed, and welcoming them to the area in case they needed anything.

My characters have also since received their new affinities since my foray onto the Chaos server. Faralithe gave up her mining affinity to Stargrace (I killed my alt, in other words), and received short sword. A pretty useless affinity. Arysh gave up her hammer affinity (which was completely useless) to a PvPer and in turn received – meditation!

I couldn’t be more pleased. This makes perfect sense for a priest, and I’m looking forward to the extra gains as I level her up the path of love. Speaking of, Faralithe managed to answer her 4th question correctly today, so she has gained the refresh ability. Something very useful that even free to play players can take advantage of.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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