EQ000047It’s anniversary time in EverQuest and has been for almost a month now. That means there are fabled mobs in game, some easier to defeat than others. Some more farmed than others. For the fifth year and upwards there are anniversary tasks, and Zam has a great write up about them. Yesterday I spent the majority of my day working through the 5th and 6th year tasks, having already completed the 11th year raid task (it gives a really nice augment). The 5th and 6th tasks are both collection quests, the first one dealing with old world zones, and the 6th dealing with Kunark. You basically run all over collecting special bits and combining them in a container. I’ve also been hunting down the Bristlebane Party Machine, which travels through various zones once an hour. You get a flag and there are a lot of different locations, so it takes some time to complete this one.

Once that was completed, Elte, Oger, and myself headed to the Feerrott to try to gain some experience. Xoxox is Elte’s berserker and is quite familiar with the zone so we dug ourselves a little niche farming undead gorillas in a corner of the zone. Time flew by and before we knew it Oger had leveled from 80 to 82, and my enchanter is most of the way through 90. There’s still a long way to go before I reach level 100 (the current cap) but I’m working towards it.

It was a great time, and reminded me about what I love with these sorts of games. I enjoy sitting in a corner pulling mobs to the group and wondering if we can handle the adds we’ve gotten. Thankfully since I play an enchanter there was no real risk of dying, but it was still a lot of fun and I think everyone had a good time while we chattered in vent. Once Oger hits 85 we can all complete task adds together and that will help everyone level up even quicker.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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