Last night was awesome. I realize this is a screen shot of me in my stylin’ bunny hat, but I had so much fun last night I forgot to take a single screen shot. Woops.

It started off with leveling in the Feerrott. Oger is closing in on his first 1,000 aa. He’ll need several thousand in order to tank properly so he has level locked in the mean time (putting 100% experience into aa). I managed to sneak my way to level 92 doing that which is pretty great because the mobs are mostly light blue with a few dark blue. That also means we killed a lot. From there we decided to do some Rain of Fear missions, which I was excited about because I’ve never done them before. Oger was able to come with us even at level 85 because there’s a 15 level gap allowed for tasks (missions). Our first mission was really simple, I don’t remember what it was called but it involved some pigs, and a giant blob. It was probably the fastest mission I’ve done. A good chunk of experience and a handful of aa for completion, and we decided to go to Crystal Caverns. I wasn’t sure why until we killed two named deep within.

The first one dropped a tunic pattern to create T1 RoF gear. This gear can be worn at 92 which pretty much allows you to skip VoA all together. T1 patterns can also be traded, and they sell in the bazaar for 100,000 plat, so I didn’t want to purchase one. I don’t have that much money any more after my crafting experiments.

I was so incredibly excited. I had purchased the legs earlier on in the evening as a treat for dinging 92, and the robe is fantastic with a clickie that returns mana to my group. From there we did a few more instances, I earned a new ring, I purchased a few cheaper pieces of gear from the bazaar, and finally we ended the night with an 11th anniversary group mission that rewarded me with a caster augment. One of my friends, Xoxox also gave me the T1 hat and boot pattern, so after a few hours of being 92 I’m only missing wrist and gloves.

I think a good time was had by all. I’m looking forward to exploring more of RoF, the second part of the expansion launches on April 17th I believe, so people should be busy exploring the new parts then. I still also need to complete a bit of VoA, I need the language at least.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. You can find me in EverQuest these days, as Kameeko on the Drinal server. Feel free to say hello!

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