2012-10-19_143027A really great way to get me back into a game that I haven’t played in a while is to offer up some sort of free item for me to claim. I’m a sucker for those things, I admit it. So when I saw that Raptr was offering up the game for free, the expansion (storm legion) along with it, AND 30 days of game time – if you qualified – of course I went to check it out. Low and behold thanks to my previous time in Rift I did qualify. You need to be from a participating country, and already be ranked as experienced in the game. Even people who have not purchased the game could thus qualify as the first 20 levels are free to play.

The free stuff didn’t stop there though. I was also able to claim a Raptr pet, which is for elite ranked players, some shoulders, and a helm. That may have been a bit of over kill, but again who am I to say no to free things.

So now I have 30 days tacked on to my account, and I’ll want to log in and check out the player housing. Whether or not I stay after that initial 30 days is undecided. There are always so many games on my plate that unless that specific game happens to be THE ONE that I want to play 75% of the time, I tend to move on. I think that Raptr and Rift teaming up is a very neat project, and I’m sure it motivates at least a few sales. Plus it gets word about the game around again when players have perhaps not heard too much going on (although Defiance did just launch, and I’m sure Trion has been busy with that).

Have you claimed any Raptr rewards since they started regularly adding them? What do you think of them so far? Let me know in comments!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself

4 thoughts on “Raptr and Rift, Sitting in a Tree #Riftgame”
  1. Damn, I gotta thank you for bringing this to my attention. I haven’t played Rift since pre-expansion, and while I got bored of it back in the day, I did think it was a good game and always intended to maybe check it out again with the expansion.

    Just claimed my Raptr reward of the expansion and 30 days playtime – awesome giveaway!

  2. I’ve always been skeptical of tying social networking to my online gaming. There’s a big and obvious benefit to game publishers when they can get you to opt in to using your social media accounts to give them free advertising. This is the first time I’ve seen a reward that I would actually consider paying money for offered up in exchange for my privacy.

    However, since I’m not an existing Raptr user I would have to go into Rift (you can use your existing account as long as you have or create a character below the trial cap) and AFK my way to the required Raptr experience level to qualify for the entry level reward. (I assume Raptr has no way to know if you’re actually playing, as long as both applications are running?) And you’re saying that previous subscribers get both the expansion (as noted on the page) and a month of game time with which to use it?

    I guess it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a roughly $35 USD value (depending on how cheap you can find an old retail box) in exchange for some spare CPU cycles and creating a Raptr account that you wouldn’t necessarily be forced to continue using. It’s probably a very negative statement about my interest level in Rift is low enough that I’m still not sold.

  3. I love Raptr rewards. Sometimes they’re stupid, but most of the time they’re at least fun. In this case, I saved myself $40 – I was planning on buying Storm Legion once the end of April came around, and thanks to Raptr, I now have it for free.

    Raptr is an awesome service. I’m continually impressed at what they’re able to convince game companies to do.

  4. I claimed the rewards when the expansion was released, so I have the spider mount, the goggles, and the Storm Legion helm on all of my characters. I saw the popups for the new raptr rewards the other day, but I’ve not yet had a chance to log in to claim them… but I will……

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