EQ2_000144“Pink is a flavour, right?” Stargrace tilted her head to the side and peered at the bartender, feeling a bit giddy with all of the festivities surrounding her.

“Uh. I guess it’s sort of a flavour.” Replied the woman behind the counter. “One second and I’ll bring you the pinkest drink I can find.”

Stargrace smiled and nodded.

“Here you are, enjoy your Fizzlepop!”


When the opening ceremonies finished yesterday afternoon the crowd wandered over to the main road just behind the Guard Towers in Antonica to wait for the Jousting event to start. Along the road tents and tables were set up, and vendors hawked their wares.

Sairina shouted, “Here fer yer enjoyment, on behalf o’ th’ Empire o’ Freeport, through th’ New Combine Empire… Lucan Youth Corps Cookies!  Get ’em while the gettin’s good!”

Stargrace raises an eyebrow at Sairina!

You say, “Cookies?”

Sairina says, “aye.  did I stutter?  Cookies! Lemme see… I got… Jum Jum, Chokklit Chip, um… Apple an’ Sugar.  Jes’ 3 gold a box! I also got ’em in a collectible tray, Spring an’ Winter, yer pick, while supplies last, fer twenny-five gold.”

Of course I had to pick up a box. They were delicious, even if they were sold from the ‘Lucan Youth Corps’.

Slipps (a delightful Ratonga) was in charge of running the jousting event – and a LOT of people participated. I sat in the back of the crowd and watched for as long as I could, taking note of the happenings around me. Snippets of conversation floated past me on the warm air.

Aurrie says, “Well, I would like to learn more of this jousting event.  If fun i might participate myself.  HAve you come to do that as well?”

Colerayn belches, looking around embarrassed….’scuz me’ hehe.

Halbjorn says, “I cannot say I was at words with the ooze, no!”

Sahkura pushes the rum glass back to Devereux. It is very nearly empty.

Draculine looks at the crowd with glassy eyes.

Ryni peers around and wonders where to stand to not get run over by the jousters.

Slipps shouts, “Wes startings! Gets yours drinks and comes cheers yours favorites ons!”

Slipps shouts, “Spectators offs the course unless wants tos bes runs overs!”

I couldn’t stay for the whole event, as I had other obligations, but I did stay for most of it. A few riders were injured but quickly patched up, and I believe a good time was had by all. There were at least 20-40 people who showed up, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the festival holds. I also have a G+ gallery set up where you can see the screenshots I’ve taken of the festival events so far. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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