gw055This week I started playing Guild Wars 2 again, which coincides with their latest event, Clockwork Chaos. Scarlet (pictured above) is a little bit crazy, and every hour on the hour an invasion of hers begins in Tyria. Basically an entire map turns into a mass of enemies and you and your friends (or anyone on the map) will have to split up into groups of 10 or so, in order to defeat. The reason you’ll have to split up is simple. There are too many groups to take them all down unless you split up AND the more people are in an area, the larger the single fight is. Split up and the encounters are slightly easier, meaning you can obtain the objectives quicker. You are on the clock after all!

Whether you defeat Scarlet or not, hang out on that map until the timer is up and you’ll be given a reward as well as rewards for participating in each individual fight. You’ll earn more rewards the further along the event you are, and as a word of warning, keep your bags empty. You may even want to be able to summon a merchant or banker while on your travels.

There are (as always) a ton of achievements associated with this event. I’ve been working on them slowly but the hardest one requires approx 13 hours invested. The achievement wants you to shut down 13 different invasions on 13 different maps. So far I’ve completed 5 of them. The event runs from August 20th until September 3rd (I believe) so you should have enough time even if you only complete one or two maps a day. A lot of people are running this continuously because the rewards are just that good and I don’t mean the clockwork rewards but the random blues greens and yellows that you’ll get from countless chests. It’s quite easy to go in and walk out with a few gold each time although if you’re anything like me you’ll want to turn map chat off.

As always Dulfy has a collection of guides and information on this live event, but the majority of them are pretty straight forward. Unlike the Queen’s Jubilee and the Gauntlet patches which I am still trying to figure out since they’re running at the same time. So far it’s been refreshing to be back in game. I like the simplicty of the game and my tiny asura is just as cute as ever. When I left I had only completed 55% of the map, and I still haven’t finished off my personal quest yet so perhaps I’ll be able to finish those off before my attention wanders once more. We’ll just have to see. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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