2013-08-14_00001Meet Lyndsey. My unicorn. Yep. Sometimes when I’m looking for peace and quiet I turn into one of THOSE gamers. Sure you can laugh all you want and you can think I am “less” of a gamer because of it but the truth of the matter is it doesn’t bug me. I play what I like and whether or not you like it doesn’t affect my gameplay.

I was gifted this game on steam as a gag gift, but I decided what the heck, why not actually play it. OK so the fact that it qualifies as one of steam’s ‘trading card games’ may have played into it slightly, but still.

You’re given a single horse to start out with. You can do some very small quests and enter tournaments with the creature, who wins coins that you can use to upgrade their home. Eventually, you can expand and purchase more horses, and then breed them and have a happy little stable full of ponies.

There’s also maintenance and care, you have to feed and water the horses. They can get sick, you’re able to use a recipe book and combine various herbs to create medicine. You have to pay coin to unlock recipes though so that means grinding out the small quests you’re granted, and competing in tournaments, playing on your horses strengths. I’ve earned a few trophies so far, and have them displaying proudly in my stable.

Is this game going to win any awards? No, of course not, but it IS cute, and relaxing, and very simple to play for a few minutes here and there. The tournaments you enter are quite simple. An arrow will show up over the horses head and you hit the direction key just as it starts spinning. Hit it too soon and you’ll be docked points. You want a perfect score.

The game would be more fun if players were introduced to horse breeding earlier on in the game (imo) but for a gag gift? I have no complaints.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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