EQ2_000217This weekend I really wanted to work on Jacquette’s house a little bit. I purchased the Galleon of Dreams for her quite some time ago, and it’s an amazing house (it’s a boat, and you control the weather) but I had not spent any time at all decorating it. What fun is having a pirate character who doesn’t even have herself a proper boat! So I made a start on it. Nothing much yet, the screenshot above is going to be an office of sorts. It needs a desk and chair, and then all those nautical things that pirates seem to have stashed about. For now it displays her trophies and greatest treasures, along with a shaggy rug. Upstairs is her living quarters, there’s a bathroom, living room, and her bedroom. Those quarters are quite posh, after all just because you’re a swashbuckler doesn’t mean you have to live with poor furniture taste!

When I wasn’t decorating I spent the majority of my weekend trying to get the swashbuckler to complete the signature line for Chains of Eternity. See, if you don’t complete that line your character is unable to see Drinal (who sells gear) nor can they see the obol and other tokens that drop from instances. This CAN be bypassed by purchasing a shard with a character who can see those obol tokens – but – it costs 50 obol, and I just don’t have that many spare. It was easier to run a character through the quest line. I don’t believe I’ll run all my characters through it, but since I spend most of my time playing Stargrace (defiler) or Jacquette (swashbuckler) it made sense to get it done on at least those two.

Characters on the second account are leveling a bit slower now. The paladin is level 84 and almost 85, the bruiser on my main account is also 83. When heroic characters come out tomorrow I’ve decided to add an assassin to the second account (or a mystic?) and my necromancer on my main account who is sitting at level 30. Of course knowing me I’ll change my mind a few more times, so we’ll see when the actual ability to create heroic characters comes around.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath.

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