EQ2_000246I’ve been exploring around Cobalt Scar, which is (at the moment) one of my least favorite zones. Well, portions of it in any case. The zone is quite difficult, especially if you’re trying to solo or “molo” (soloing with a mercenary) named. They’re not your typical pushovers. The zone itself is also difficult at least in the zombie othmir portions which are the sections that I simply do not enjoy. They’re annoying to navigate through and having zombie othmir from 100 feet away suddenly start shuffle towards you is just not fun.

Still, the quest rewards are pretty nice, and you’ll want to play through the story line none the less. I haven’t been able to complete the Siren’s Grotto instances as a proper group yet (I’ve done the advanced solo versions numerous times) because it’s just too hard. Maybe once ToV releases and it is old content I’ll have a better chance of staying alive during the instance.

Have you explored Cobalt Scar yet? What are your thoughts about the zombie invasion? How does it compare to the old Cobalt Scar from EverQuest? Let me know in comments!

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