EQ2_000044On November 2nd (which is coming up faster than I had expected) I’ll be participating in Extra-Life, raising money for local children’s hospitals. My hospital of choice is CHEO here in Ottawa, it’s the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario. While I don’t personally have children of my own, many of my friends and their kids use these hospitals on a daily basis, and I wanted to be able to help.

I’m taking donations on my fundraising page, and I’ll also be livestreaming the 24 hours of gameplay on my twitch channel for the duration of the event. I won’t be playing EQ2 for the full 24 hours, but I will be playing it for the majority of the time. I’ll be starting my livestreaming at 4am EDT on November 2nd until 4am EST on November 3rd. That’s right, there’s an extra hour in there due to daylight savings – which gives me an hour ‘break’ to spread out through the day for stretching and bathroom breaks and what have you.

A huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me this far, and who has provided support. I’ve really appreciated it. November is a pretty busy month, I’ll also be participating in NaNoWriMo and writing a 50,000 word story, in December I’ll be publishing my second book, and also running the 2013 Gamers Secret Santa (look for details regarding that to follow).

Other games I’ll be streaming during the fundraising include Sims 3, Civilization V, Terraria, Hearthstone, and some smaller titles from my steam library. I’ll also be tweeting about my gameplay on my twitter account, so there are plenty of ways to get a hold of me and show your support or suggest a game for me to play!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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