Screenshot-473I held off purchasing the latest Sims 3 expansion, Into the Future, because I knew that shortly after I bought it for full price, it would go on sale. It happens every single year, and every year I get mad at myself for paying full price. So I waited.

I didn’t have to wait too long, thanks to the black friday sales. I picked up the game on Thursday and am incredibly happy with it so far.

Into the future adds a LOT of extra game play. I decided to start with a fresh game, and I actually had to look up some guides to figure out how things work. To get started it is pretty simple. Your sim will be hanging out in the present, and a portal device will land on the lot. When you go and interact with it, a time traveler will pop out and introduce themselves. They will ask for your help with collecting some power cells, and once you’ve completed that challenge they’ll give you a little book / device that you can access from your inventory screen (it’s located beside your phone) as well as the ability to use the portal.

You will then be whisked away to Oasis Landing, the futuristic city where your sim and their descendants live. That’s right, I said descendants. You can go and meet members of your family in the future, and how you live in the present (your money situation, your job, who you’re seeing, etc) will affect those people and their future lives. It’s awesome.

There are also a lot of new technology bound items in game, as well as skills and jobs. You get a jetpack and learn how to fly around using it. There are new modes of transportation, and you can create bots that are equipped with trait chips so they can specialize in certain functions. I ended up using “Carl’s the Sims 3 Guide” to figure out the finer details of things because there’s just so much content to learn this time around.

You can pick future timelines. It can be a Utopian or Dystopian timeline, or the regular default one you start with. There are rewards and achievements for unlocking each one. There’s a big section on legacy statue requirements, and how to achieve that. There is a bot arena career, an astronomy career, there’s nanites to be found, the new advanced technology skill, how to make bots, and much, much more.

Overall this expansion has not let me down at all. I’m very glad I picked it up and I think it was well worth the cost. It added so much besides new house items and outfit choices. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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