wurm.20140108.1200You have just received the title ‘Enlightened’!

My Fo priest finally reached 90 faith, which I am very happy about. Nothing especially fancy happens with that much faith aside from the fact that she gained a new title and has more mana to play with, but it’s still a goal none the less.

Construction on the deed is going well. I’ve finished the main floor to the crafters hall and have been working on the second level which will be for storage. Once that is complete I want to spend some time working on my fine carpentry, I owe my neighbour Naitey some signs for his deed and I have a few beds that I need to improve as well as other odds and ends.

In the mornings when I log in I have my priest do her ‘chores’ which consist of tending the fields, grooming the animals, praying 5x (that’s the max a day without sermons or server resets), checking the tree farm for sprouts, and feeding the hen. Once those general chores are done whatever else I want to do can follow my whims for the day. I like the order that Wurm Online provides, and while the game is certainly not for everyone, it still remains one of my absolutely favorite sandboxes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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