wurm.20140111.2315Yesterday was an incredibly busy day in Wurm Online, though the screenshot above doesn’t exactly do it much justice. It has been one of my goals on Pristine to create a tunnel that goes from the front of my property (along the shore) to the top of the mountain that I live on. This serves a few purposes, but the biggest is just that it’s a quick way to get down to my boat or the mines from within my property. First I had to mine the tunnel upwards until I got a message that if I were to mine any further, I would be buried alive. This tells me that I’m at the surface but that the surface tile is not rock.

Next was to dig down on the surface (after counting tiles to make sure I was lining up) and then to tunnel and open an entrance. If everything went as it should, I would have a mine entrance. It did work out except for one small issue. The entrance is on quite a slope which prevents people from walking normally. I can enter the mine with a large cart drawn by horses but for some reason I can’t exit said mine. It is perplexing.  Thankfully my neighbour Naitey offered to help me out with the entire project, so he busied himself helping me dig and helping me mine and then applying concrete to the tiles we need to fix the slope of. It’s not completely fixed yet but it will be eventually and in the mean time I do have a tunnel and a way down.

Aside from my glorious tunnel I’ve been working on my craft building. The second floor has been started, though I need to get more clay and make more bricks to finish it off. I also built a little horse pen attached to the building so that my cart pulling animals are within reach. The rest of my pens are down a ways, a good place for the Fo priest to go for animal husbandry but not really practical for when you want to quickly hitch a cart. I also removed one of the walls from the building and added another double door so the cart and horses can pass easily. Once the building is done I’ll post a bunch of screenshots with my progress.

All in all, a great weekend building some really neat stuff. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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