UntitledI’ve been using Raptr for years now, being a huge fan of lists and graphs. I started out first using xfire but that didn’t last, and raptr does a good job at what I want it to do. Plus you can earn some neat rewards. Anyhow, they sent me an email about my 2013 gaming year. I was pretty heavily into EverQuest in 2013 (that’s the original) so it’s no surprise that it makes the top of my list followed by EverQuest 2. A few things to keep in mind – this is not 100% accurate, there are times I don’t bother loading raptr and thus it doesn’t track. There are times the game isn’t recognized and I have to track by hand – like Wurm Online. Even though it actually shows as my 3rd most played game, I had to manually track those hours. If you take into account the time I left my characters online, it was probably my 2nd most played game, maybe even my first.

It’s also easy to tell that there’s a HUGE difference between the games I focus on, and ‘everything else’. Looking at 2013 vs. 2012, I also tracked almost 700 more hours – but again a lot of that is manual tracking, I tend to track Wurm for 6 hour rounds because that’s the maximum you can track at once, and not because I was actually playing for that length of time (some times it was more, some times it was less).

37 games total made the 2013 play list, not including any games that I played on console or 3DS (there were a lot of 3DS games this year).

Predictions for this year? Eh, I don’t really have any. We’ll just have to see. So far World of Warcraft is topping the list, especially since I haven’t been tracking Wurm. There are some new releases on the way but whether or not I’ll play them – and stick around – has yet to be seen.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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