I had a hen in Wurm Online. Named her Cluck. Fed her grass. She lay eggs, 44 of them. Served me well and then I decided I would sacrifice her to Fo for a server mission. I waited for those eggs to hatch to see if I would have anything to show for those 44 eggs, it’s rare that anything actually hatches.

I was lucky.

I named my eggs, so that when they hatched they would get to keep those names. It’s just a cute way to personalize the animals a bit. Since I had 44 eggs to name, the last bunch were names like ‘Cat’ and ‘Dog’ – and I peered down into the pen on my way from grooming the horses and noticed three little chick heads poking up out of the snow.

Spoon. Toast. Joseph.

I actually thought Toast had died of starvation, Landmark came out just as the chicks hatched and they didn’t have any food. I decided to pack down the tile of snow so I could see the ground better, and there she was, waiting for breakfast.

I’ve stuffed the pen with a lot of grass to keep them fed, and am trying to be a better chick parent. Eventually they’ll lay their own eggs, though I don’t really have a use for them at this point in time. Maybe other players would like some.

It was a great surprise. I’ve tried to hatch eggs before but I didn’t have any luck and I’m glad I have a few named chicks wandering the pens. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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