WoWScrnShot_012514_140151I finally found some time to play World of Warcraft this weekend, and decided to attempt a few raids with the looking for raid finder. Normally I try to get them done earlier in the week because.. well. My patience tends to wear out, and weekend raids are not really that great. I queued for the first Siege of Orgrimmar raid and knew I was in for trouble. Sha (the final named) took 7 attempts. I’ve never had a raid take that many attempts before. Thankfully I did win an offhand during the four named bosses that was quite an upgrade, but I would still much rather do raids earlier on in the week.

After I decided to try a flex raid for Celestials, and I won a pair of PVP shoes that were an enormous upgrade from the quested 502 ilevel ones I had been wearing. I’m also trying to make a bit of coin, so I put an epic belt for sale and a few robes. I don’t know if they’ll sell, but at least I’m trying.

The rest of my adventures were filled with pet battles. I’m slowly leveling a few more to 25 and working on more achievements. It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend, and I hope everyone else has had a great one too! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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