Crafting_window_v1The countdown to update 1.2 has begun, and with it a lengthy list of what is coming. Honestly, this is a game changing patch for Wurm Online, and I couldn’t be more excited. The largest of the changes is the newly revamped crafting interface. This one thing is going to be huge. Notice that you can queue actions for creating items which is something we could never do before. The interface (as pictured above) is neat and tidy and easy to understand. No more right clicking and having to scroll through a gigantic list to find out what you want to craft. Out of everything coming with this update it is probably one of the least talked about but biggest impacting items.

Wagons and ship carriers are going to be neat, because they’ll allow players to move larger items and objects – something we always have a hard time with. Wagons will use four mounts to pull, the previous ‘large cart’ only allowed for two. Along the same path, crates will be added which allow for greater bulk transportation – these will basically replace rafts, which are very limited.

The second largest point to the update in my opinion would have to be the drag and drop function. Normally when you pick items up out of a pile you need to place them in your inventory first, and then into a cart. Players will be able to drag these items directly from the pile, into the cart (and vice versa). You won’t need that extra step of loading everything into your inventory first. Wrists everywhere rejoiced at the news.

In game maps are also huge news, but keep in mind they are not meant to replace the player maintained maps that show locations of actual deeds. They’re basically rough maps for new players to make use of. You can make annotations to the map, and then share those with your village, or an alliance.

This update has really focused on making the game friendlier to players. There’s a village recruitment board that will allow players to port to the village one time so they don’t have to walk. A new invite command to let you invite players to your village from anywhere on the server. A new book of wisdom for in-game help topics, and more.

There’s also a bunch of new graphic updates going live which is always good to see. It keeps things feeling fresh and it shows just how much passion and dedication is given to this game. I haven’t been this excited since 1.0 and multistory was added. It is certainly exciting times for players.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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