A big thank you goes out to Tahlula from the Cadence server yesterday, who sent me 6 fence bars so that I could finish my cow pen. I had them hitched to a post by my house, but for some reason they would randomly go invisible. Someone told me that not only would they go invisible, sometimes they’d just go missing. I do NOT want that for my cows, so I took it upon myself to finish at least ONE of my pens. This is the pottery one, which I love the look of. I know I could have used a different fence, but I didn’t want to have to bash it down after.

Fence bars take a lot of iron to make and my blacksmithing is still quite low so I only have a 20% chance at creation. That’s a lot of iron wasted. I was talking about this issue in Freedom chat (server specific talk) and they offered to send them to me for the cost of postage. Incredibly kind of them, I was so happy! Now my cows are safe, and I can go back to working on the rest of the deed.

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