I was innocently playing Wurm Online on the Harmony server, when I met up with Nannini, who happens to be an old Sklotopolis player that I played with, and grew quite fond of as far as friends go. They started talking about the game, about the work the developers are putting into it (and always have) and that got me longing for home.

It has been two years or so since I played with any regularity. When our family moved away to the Far North internet was sparse and I wasn’t sure when I’d get to log in. I was notified that my deed would be expiring if I didn’t check in (they have a duration, helps free up land for people who are actually playing) and I decided at that time to move on.

Which is a mistake I’ve made before in the past. No one “moves on” from Wurm, and certainly not from Sklotopolis.

I downloaded the game, logged in, and immediately deeded because my volcano was sitting there, just waiting. Quail Cove Nouveau was born. There is a smaller deed to my side that I’m hoping will either fall or the owner will sell to me (they have not been in game for a while, and there are no buildings or any belongings actually) – in the meantime I plan on re-creating the deed as best I can. Thankfully I took a lot of screenshots.

I spent my first day acquiring a knarr & a wagon, and then I ran around my local area (and some not-so-local areas) pillaging fallen items like crate racks, storage bins, and forgotten about tools. My place will (as always) be a mish mash of the items others have forgotten about. I didn’t get anything amazing, more like ‘one mans garbage is another mans treasure’ situation, but it IS really nice to be playing again. Expect more posts about the server and what has changed (and what is the same) in the future.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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