I like to have everything in its place, in game and out. My husband has been less-than-enthralled with Shadowlands and is no longer playing WoW at all, so I decided to move my horde characters all back to Hyjal, where I’m part of an active guild of amazing people. I started by buying tokens and just moving a handful – but I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable unless I moved EVERYONE over. It cost a bit over a million gold, but in the end that itchy feeling I get when my characters are all spread out all over went away and I am much happier. Having my crafters all together is nice, spare guild banks, and all that good stuff.

Now my alliance characters are all on Argent Dawn, ready to pick back up any time I want, and my horde characters are all over on Hyjal. Both servers are completely different. Argent Dawn is alliance heavy, and low population roleplay server. Hyjal is horde heavy, high/full population regular server. Now I can continue working on creating / leveling one of each class for each server.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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