My goal for February is to knit 50% of Stillness – a shawl pattern I picked up on Ravelry. I planned it all out and assigned each week to approximately 10% of the shawl, and so far that is working out very well for me. Yesterday I reached 30% which is exactly where I should be. If I knit 3-4 rows each day, I’ll have no issues hitting 50%. There’s 262 stitches per row right now so it takes a bit of time to get through them all, but three rows a day is pretty reasonable. You can see the gradient starting to take shape, too. I expect the next drastic colour change should happen around 40%.

I’m also well into the lace work on this shawl which makes it difficult to photograph and I’m very eager to get it completed and blocked. It will probably take me at least another month to finish, but I’m not feeling daunted by the work at least.

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