I have to say, the work that has been going on at Quail Cove Nouveau is nothing short of amazing. It went from needing a complete re-build to being almost done. All that is left (thanks to the hard work of Moumix and myself) is the main house (called Quail Nest), towers, and the bridges that join those towers. Of course being my usual procrastinating self, it probably COULD have been completed by now, but I had to go to Caza for a bit to waste some time, and then I took a trip around the server to see what other treats I could pillage. I’ve also spent some time on Novus pillaging for the two deeds I have there. Once I’m done building on Quail Cove, I want to flatten Quail Plaza. This is going to be a shopping market type deed, and I have big plans for it, but it requires a clean slate. I hate terraforming, so it will probably also take me some time.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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