Completed in February:

  • Nothing – I didn’t actually complete any projects at all this month, but the shawl is a large on going project, so I don’t feel too bad about that. It takes a while to knit 1200 yards after all!
  • I did do a little bit of spinning! I’m working through my large stash of alpaca fiber.

Current WIPs:

  • Sockhead Cowl (50%)
  • Scrap Blanket (2%)
  • For the Horde Mitten Liners (0%)
  • Stillness Shawl (50%)
  • TAAT January Sock Club socks

Completed February Goals:

  • 50% of my Stillness shawl (YES!)
  • Frog Silver Bell Sweater (No)
  • Complete Sockhead Cowl (No)
  • Work from stash only (YES!)

March Goals:

  • I want to carry over a few that are from February
  • 90% of my Stillness Shawl completed by the end of March (hopefully)
  • FINALLY frog that silver bell sweater
  • Try to get 1/2 way on the TAAT socks

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