Yesterday a bunch of deeds expired from players that were away from game for 90+ days. Myself and a whole slew of others took to the roads to see what we could pillage. I had one main goal – find some hell horses – preferably 5 speeds. Moumix got some from Shao, but I was still using no speed bison on my wagon.

There is one reason that I really enjoy pillaging fallen deeds – and it has absolutely nothing with what you can find out there and everything to do with the story behind it all.

Take the screenshot above. Found in an almost empty mine, a small box labeled ‘hardware’ with some random bits and bobs in it. Some of these items can fit in a bulk storage bin, some are parts to other things. All of it has decay. What was the owner planning? How experienced were they with the game? These are the stories that I live for, that I love discovering and adding to in my mind. I tend do wander away with whatever random tools I can find because I like to improve them and find out who created the tool.

I found a sickle today, 70ql which is pretty good. It’s labeled with ‘Duchess’ who I had not heard of – the artisan mark on the sickle is my own name, so that was pretty cool. I did also happen to literally stumble into two scale sets of gear hidden away in some saddlebags when I found those hellhorses I was after. THAT was a HUGE surprise.

All in all? It was a pretty successful trip.

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