This Silver Bell Sweater has been in time-out since December. If you’ll notice where my fingers are, there’s three dropped stitches right there. It runs along a V-neck collar. I didn’t notice these dropped stitches until it was much too late and the entire piece was finished. I’ve been meaning to frog it since December, but instead I put it in a time out and forgot about it. I was furious at myself for having dropped the stitches. I put so much work into it, only to have it ruined.

I do have some options. I’ve been trying to decide which one is best. I could frog the front of the shirt (the front and back are joined at the shoulders with a 3 point bind off) and then re-knit the front. I think this is probably my best bet. I could frog the entire piece. I could try to pick up the stitches and attach them somehow (since the piece is finished, I have no idea how this would be accomplished without adding extra yarn to ‘tie’ it off to). I think my best chances are to un-do the three point bind off at the shoulders, and frog to just past the dropped stitches, and see where I sit at. Then once I can access the situation from a better vantage, I can decide how to move forward.

The yarn is amazing, and I was really looking forward to wearing this sweater ages ago. It’s a shame that it hasn’t worked out at all. I figure the sweater is just cursed.

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