I recently joined a discord that a few good twitter friends are on, and they’ve been playing Animal Crossing. Now, I bought this game back when it released, and adore it of course, but I stopped playing some time ago (and if my friend’s list is any indication, so did almost everyone else). I decided to get started again and see what all I have missed. First, I set myself a few small goals. I want to work on collecting sheep villagers. This is not as easy as it sounds. I did end up getting Muffy so far, from an amiibo card that I had – yay! I love her personality.

Next I wanted to optimize my island a bit. I had a lot of trees, and it turns out that you can cut down all but the fruit trees & 7-10 others for shaking (2 pieces of furniture, 5 wasps). I spent an entire day chopping down trees and arranging where I wanted my orchard to go. I also finally learned how to terraform the land, and I removed a few physical bridges and made land bridges.

Next it was time to import some designs and truly make the island my own. I started with paths. I have a really cute pusheen path that leads around my villagers home and sets the mood for the island. It was easy to get them set up and I can’t wait to add more little details. I’ve been thinking about arranging the rocks on my island, but it turns out that’s a whole other ball game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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