I was working on my Bistro cross stitch (something I pull out every few years to continue with) and I noticed that one of the symbols charted didn’t have a corresponding thread to go with it. I knew it was one of the blue colours, but I couldn’t be sure which one it was. Thankfully we live in an age of online everything, so a quick google search brought up others who had the exact same issue, and reading through the replies I was able to figure out exactly what colour this symbol is supposed to be. There must have been a printing error with this particular pattern back when it was made (some time in the early 2000’s) that was never corrected. I still hold dreams of completing this piece ‘one day’ but it’s going to take a bit of time, especially since my eyes can’t see the little cross stitch holes as well as they used to.

On that note, I did order a bunch of floss and a few more pieces of aida cloth – I found some absolutely precious patterns that I wanted to stitch, something smaller that might inspire me to continue working on the larger piece. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to just look at this one giant massive piece. Hopefully the floss and all the rest gets here soon.

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