Wurm Online has recently released an update that includes an overhaul to the animal husbandry system – and I’m very excited. They’ve added new animals, new traits, new methods of feeding them, and all sorts of other goodies for those who are interested in breeding animals with specific traits. You can finally make use of traits in ‘farm’ animals, having them provide more milk and other products.

I don’t have any donkey or mules yet, but I’m excited for the people who are breeding them. I think it’s a nice overhaul to the system (though it’s not without its bugs at the moment). Gives players something ‘new’ to do, whether they are veterans or new players.

I have been continuing on with my deed on Independence. I do still have a second deed over on Cadence as well, but I haven’t been doing much with that one. I would still love for them to join the North and South servers sometime in the future, but it’s looking like that might not actually be a thing. We’ll just have to see. I have a 100 faith Fo priest over there that I’d like to bring over to Indy, in the meantime, I suppose I could work on my Vynora priest.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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