Completed in May:

  • I started and finished two wash cloths, and have a 3rd one half way done.
  • I completed two squares in my scrap blanket
  • Did not complete my TAAT socks – but I am on the heels, so not much longer. I also did not even tough my silver bell sweater. I spent the entire month waiting on new ChiaoGoo needles that never arrived.

Current WIPS:

  • Scrap blanket
  • For the horde mitten liners
  • TAAT January sock club socks
  • 1 wash cloth

June Goals:

  • Complete TAAT socks (finally)
  • Two squares on the scrap blanket
  • Some progress on the silver bell sweater IF my ChiaoGoo needles arrive

It got real warm real fast here, and I have not been feeling the greatest so I haven’t been getting a lot of knitting time in. Tour de Fleece also starts at the end of June, so I expect my knitting will take a back seat to that once it gets going. On the plus side, I’ll have LOTS of spinning pictures to post. One day hopefully those ChiaoGoo needles will arrive. Mail has been very slow.

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