This steam game released mid June, and I have to say it is already one of my absolute favourite releases for 2021. From the description of the game, you get this:

Wildermyth follows heroes over their whole careers, from their pitchfork days to their powerful primes, and on into old age and memory. It’s a party-based procedural storytelling RPG where tactical combat and story decisions will alter your world and reshape your cast of characters.

It’s a story heavy party-based RPG with strategy, where you move your characters along a tiled board in turn based combat, interacting with the scenery and defeating enemies. The choices you make in the story (and combat) portion of the game actually matter – and your heroes go through their entire lives, get old, die, and are remembered (or forgotten) and become part of a legacy. I’m not very far into the game yet, there’s a LOT to it and the longer you play the more involved things get. There’s also crafting on top of everything else.

Honestly, I can’t write enough good about this game, and I can’t depict how much FUN it is, you’ll have to give it a go yourself. I know the price tag is a bit hefty for an indie developed game, but much like RimWorld, this one is completely worth it.

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