I remember some time ago when Tipa was writing about a new challenge of hers that she was making – sticking with a video game (MMO) for a year – and I envied that mind set. It’s one that I have not been able to adhere to for a VERY long time, and one I envy because I feel that in a year you’re able to really set down some roots, make friends, and get somewhere in an MMO. Jumping around from game to game isn’t fun on my wallet or my game play, if I have to be honest.

Then I went and looked back to the games I was playing in 2013 when raptr game tracking was still a thing. The games at the top of that list 8 years ago were STILL the top games I play today. They included WoW, EQ, EQ2, Sims 3 (now it’s Sims 4, but that’s close enough), Wurm, and then a few stragglers like EVE. Almost nothing has changed in which games I play. I still bounce around from game to game, and I rarely ever stick with any of the new ones.

Now I find myself back playing EverQuest, talking to the ‘locals’ and getting to know the names I see in chat. Almost all of them are older, with families like myself. Most have been playing for 15+ years. It’s comfortable. Once again I think to myself ‘is this a game I could stick with for a year?’ – and just like always, I don’t really have an answer. It’s still something I would like to do, if for no other reason than I’ve never been able to complete it before.

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