Any game will see inflation happen over years, and since EverQuest is, well, quite old, there is a LOT of inflation. Krono are selling for about 2.7 million to 3 million plat on my server, on the FV where inflation is even more prevalent they go for almost double that. I’ve got a trader set up in the Bazaar that I try to leave up when I’m not playing but that’s also when everyone else is not playing, so there’s not a lot of shoppers. Not only that, but the items I have up for sale are outdated and may as well be antiques. I’ve tried to put craft materials up for those who may be doing the 1-300 grind (I’ll talk about the 300-350 grind in another post) but so far the only items I’ve actually sold have been defiant pieces – twink gear.

Group progress has been coming along incredibly well. My shadowknight and enchanter both reached level 106 which opened up the crafted conflagrant gear. This gear is from Ring of Scale, and each piece has about double the stats that my old gear had. Needless to say it was all a HUGE upgrade, and I feel quite god-like doing the content I was doing before in my old gear. I couldn’t afford to upgrade every slot on the enchanter, but I did take the time to gear up the shadowknight properly, being the tank and all.

The shaman is closing in on level 100 – I have the other two characters grinding with a 50/50 (leveling/AA) so that they don’t climb too much faster than the shaman while she catches up. Once she hits 100 I’m going to start Shard’s Landing with her, which is the last actual group content that I had done when I played back in.. 2013. I’m just a bit behind.

On the shadowknight my AA are going to tank-related skills, focusing on Ring of Scale, and a huge portion (150!) of AA is going towards unlocking another gem slot. You can never have too many. On my enchanter I’m doing things a bit different, I really want to get her tradeskills to 350, which means I need to unlock 13 ranks of tradeskill mastery that go up by 5 points each rank. Gross.

I’m having such a good time playing again and I have to admit that MOST of that joy is because of Daybreaks decision to allow auto-grant AA. Without having the AA I needed to get to this point there’s no way it would be as enjoyable. That feature does stop after 105, but it’s a good enough start to not feel completely left behind, at least.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “A Few Small Sales”
  1. The stuff I sell in the Bazaar are the mats from the Rain of Fear and Torments of Velious expansions, all of which I get from the Overseer missions. I have a vendor up offline on my paid-for account (weirdly, the characters I actually play are on my F2P account) and he makes between 250k – 850k a week, by and large. I imagine it varies a lot server by server, though.

    The other things that sell really well for big money are the collection items but I don’t uinderstand that market well enough to know what’s valuable and what;s not. You can get them in the Heroic Adventures and from Overseer.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m on Drinal, which seems quite small these days, but I’m hardly the only person around. I’ve started selecting craft materials from Overseer as my rewards too, I’m playing three gold accounts but I’m VERY tempted to add a forth for selling because I’m always playing instead of selling >< 250k-850k seems amazing! I have some collection pieces up for sale but I don't think they're worth that much (except one older one, a plushie that seems to be going for a lot) - we'll see how it goes!

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