After many failed dungeon attempts yesterday, I started reading the forums (and you’ll see this echoed in comments from yesterday’s post too) to try to figure out where I was going wrong. Surely there must be something very basic that I was missing to create such a cluster of fail. Turns out, I was. I stumbled across this post that talked about the exact encounter I was having problems with, and it wasn’t just me.

Returning players can’t just take their 120 boosted and call it a day. No, you have to make sure that you reach a potency and a fervor, and a HP, and other thresholds. You need to go do what is commonly called ‘panda quests’ for augments, you need to get the gear out of the crate that is in the starter zone to the latest expansion (and the one prior) and then take the augments out of that gear, and use it in yours.

It was also suggested that I work on crafters first so I could help my characters out – fantastic suggestion, because I only have adept rank spells right now, and I want at LEAST expert. Those cost 10,000 platinum each which is pretty cheap compared to the inflation of today, but well out of my price range. Crafting those spells/skills will be a much better option.

That being said, things DID get better as I learned the ‘new’ way of playing. I did manage to do two Echo Caverns solo adventures, got some upgrades, even dinged my guild level 92! I had a really great time, and I slowly, ever so slowly, started remembering WHY I played EQ2 for so many years. I obtained a few more familiar, I did all of my Overseer quests for the day, and after three days of trying, felt like “hey, maybe I could stick with this for a bit”.

Honestly? It was lovely. I’m looking forward to things a little bit more now.

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