Velours Legacy had to start looking for a partner in life – after all the whole point to a legacy play through is having 10 generations of one family line. She tried to make friends with the grocery delivery person but they were not interested in anything other than delivering her food. So she went to the local gnome tavern (as one does) and made friends with everyone she could.

Eventually her and a gentleman hooked up, and she got pregnant! She wasn’t actually interested in getting married though, so she broke up with him and decided to raise the baby on her own (which also didn’t last long, Velours has some pretty strong feelings for Ulrike Faust, a lady who belongs to the Renegades club).

With her boyfriend out of the picture I’d like to say that Velours focused on what was important in life, her unborn child and maybe her job – but no, she spent all of her money buying an animal shed and then a llama named tiny.

Velours was about to give birth and had absolutely nothing prepared, and no money to do so but she did have a llama, what more does a person need.

Bluebell was born, a little girl who was very easy to care for. The house also got a few improvements as Velours got a few promotions in her job as a paint brush cleaner. They almost have a fully functional kitchen, a bathroom, and TWO bedrooms (one for her, and of course one for Bluebell). Tiny is thriving, and Velours has harvested some of the fleece for yarn! Knitting is most certainly on the agenda. One generation down, 9 more to go! Hopefully Bluebell is able to live a happy and carefree life. So far things have remained pretty calm, I don’t expect they’ll stay that way.

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